Shipping Intelligence and Logistics Reporting

Intelligent reporting interprets data critical for managing logistics and running a business. Full shipping records are posted to a secure reporting website where the customer maintains as much history as they choose. Online access affords instant summary and detail reporting with over 400 reports, each fully configurable. If that's not enough, there's an ad hoc report generator for the perpetually inquisitive.

Some users will dig through all detail to find new transportation cost savings. Others stay at a high level reviewing only the summary dashboard. All have access to our analysts who provide initial training and ongoing consultation to flag soft cost savings in transportation spend.  Data-mining services are continuously improved by our analysts, and by customers who create and post new report queries. Their efforts contribute to a growing resource of business intelligence tools that all customers access to manage transport spend.

Assess Air to Ground Conversion savings - Discover what you're paying for Express when Ground delivers at the same speed. For one customer, this simple discovery helped materialize a 25% reduction in total parcel spend.

Considering a new distribution center? We'll re-rate your shipping history from an alternative zip code to discover potential savings based on real shipping patterns.

Quantify parcel consolidation opportunities -- savings obtained by bundling parcels that are now shipped separately.

If you're shipping on 4 continents with 12 different carriers, our reporting tool will bring all data into a secure, intelligent repository regardless of origin, transport mode, currency, or carrier.

Interested shippers can request a demo of the reporting tool with sample data. Better yet, we'll upload your live data for a more accurate snapshot.

Custom file upload are also available to integrate shipping data into most accounting / ERP / Warehouse management systems. Redundant data back-up is inherent in all systems.

Benefit – Cost

Better logistics management with more informed perspective.

Mostly free with audit services. Extensive customization, consultation or programming will be quoted per request or as weekly surcharge.

Case Study

Softmart, an online software vendor, discontinued the parcel audit to comply with a FedEx Guaranteed Service Refund Waiver but maintained reporting services to access proprietary reporting instead of stock carrier invoice.

Seta Corporation created an in-house report protocol and delegated the work to Direct-Recovery. We have improved and maintained this custom report with weekly updates delivering critical summary information on several management metrics.

Government Contractor identified over 25% in soft-cost savings in Air to Ground Conversions.

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I've been very pleased with the custom reporting DRS has developed for Volvo Trucks North America. Besides the obvious cost savings realized by their involvement, they have enabled us to quickly and accurately track department costs. From the beginning, Direct Recovery Solutions has been very responsive and creative in simplifying and consolidating all the paperwork into one easy to use source. Thank you Direct Recovery for making my job easier!

Greg Allen, Volvo Truck