Contract Optimization and Rate Negotiation

Contracts are optimized when they are aligned with your company shipping patterns, your market segment, and even your location. Once we understand your shipping profile through our parcel audit, we are uniquely equipped to model a prospective carrier contract against your shipping history. We can analyze competitive offers through a complete re-rating of recent invoices to see exactly where potential benefits (and pitfalls) lie.

Because we review hundreds of carrier contracts, we can also determine if your discount structure is on par with industry standards, and where to focus your negotiation efforts.

FedEx and UPS Rate Analysis

Access our online rate evaluation tools and use the assessment results to select or negotiate your carrier contract. We'll counsel you on reasonable discount structures based on our review of your shipping history, and our knowledge of comparable contracts. 

Then, load your competitive rate proposal and rerate your shipping history to determine your real world savings.

FedEx and UPS Rate Negotiation

Use our direct negotiations expertise with FedEx or UPS to assure you optimal rates while safeguarding existing concessions and seeking new benefits that match your unique shipping profile. Our customers are shrewd enough to negotiate carrier terms on their own. What they lack is the inside intelligence and experience we bring to the table to help establish new baselines for all future carrier negotiations.

Benefit - Cost:

Contract savings of 4% - 12%

Rate Analysis provided at fixed cost, quoted according to complexity of analysis.

Rate Negotiation fee is a limited-term gain-share of future benefit.

Case Study

Atlanta Barber, a professional barber and beauty supply company, used our rate negotiation services to secure an average 8% rate discount over 3 years.

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