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UPS Business Intelligence

There’s a unique business model changing the world of business intelligence. You’ve heard of the ‘freemium’ model – give away the basic service, charge for the premium? The new model is to offer the premium service, and pay the user. Confused? Read on.

Any company shipping over $50,000 per year should embrace a unique niche service to recover excess shipping cost. The service is a parcel audit to secure FedEx and UPS refunds for billing and service errors, delivered on a gain-share model, coupled with free access to a SaaS business intelligence. On the open market this business intelligence would be costly. In this model, it’s free. In fact, it’s better than free.

Direct-Recovery’s parcel audit recovers UPS and FedEx refunds from service failures and billing errors. Parcel carriers promise refunds for shipments delivered late or billed incorrectly. Few companies claim these refunds because the cost exceeds the benefit. What most firms consider an unrecoverable expense, Direct-Recovery turns into a profit source. It’s not a huge savings, seldom more than 6%, but it’s money otherwise wasted on an undelivered service.

This core service is offered for a gain-share of the UPS or FedEx credits applied to the carrier invoice. But the real value lies in the business intelligence module. That’s where companies discover the unexpected opportunities. Carrier invoices includes some 150+ fields of itemized data for every shipment. Direct-Recovery stores and mines that history, leveraging it to help companies glean additional operational savings.

What would you like to do? Map your shipping history to reorganize sales reps? Strategically locate a new distribution center to optimize freight cost? Shop discounted rates among carriers? Compare competitive offers by re-rating shipping history? Custom cost-coding? Output cost-coding to your Accounting system? When a customer of Direct-Recovery conceives a new way to map or interpret shipping data, that report becomes part of the stock reports available to all customers. The net result is a robust SaaS reporting environment, giving customers total transparency of their shipping history. There’s also an Ad Hoc report writer for the very unique need.

Freight audits return carrier refunds and billing credits. Now they offer something more valuable – intelligence. And intelligence means money. Some customers have discovered as much as 25% operational savings by revealing Air to Ground conversion or consolidation opportunities. Intelligence delivered for a split of refunds from UPS, FedEx, DHL, which you’re now overpaying the carrier? Now there’s a novel business model – money back, with huge benefits. The catch? None known. Direct-Recovery has served top US companies since 2000, and continues to lower the entry barrier to freight audits with scaled technology of premium service.


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