Shipping Audit Savings – True Confession

The question is reasonable and inevitable – “How much can I save with your shipping cost recovery services?” The answer may seem elusive coming from industry professionals, but it’s simply true – “Don’t know”. Yes, we have historical comparisons from ‘similar’ shippers, and estimates by carrier, but until we have the live data in the read more…

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FedEx Claims Roulette

True confession:  There’s an intriguing, speculative side to the world of freight auditing, because we never know what we’ll find. Though admittedly somewhere short of ‘Casino Royale’, it can be intriguing to dig into a client’s history to find they’ve spent too much for too little, and the net result surprises us all.

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Porsche v. Chevette – how good is your freight audit?

In business school we learned to focus on the core competency  and outsource the rest. Or, at the very least, outsource that which you’d prefer someone else do. In the overall scheme of ‘core competencies’, freight auditing ranks dead last for most companies. On the scale of necessary but painful experiences, parcel auditing ranks in the read more…

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Should I hire a consultant to negotiate my shipping contract?

Not necessarily. Freight consultants add value by applying industry insight to a company’s unique shipping profile in order to optimize carrier discounts throughout the negotiation process. Interpreting parcel carrier tariffs can be as daunting as navigating the tax code, so consultants play a role similar to that of tax accountants. Hiring a professional with an read more…

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What does a shipping audit cost?

Prompted by a recent conversation with a customer, it’s time to shed some light on our parcel audit pricing structure.  We consider it a simple gain-share model, but it can be a bit confusing. We deliver hard and soft cost savings to companies who ship with any major parcel carrier – FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, read more…

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Parcel Audit Refund Windfall

There’s a potential untapped revenue source for companies that ship with parcel or ltl carriers. As mundane as a parcel audit may sound, it can reap rich dividends. Consider the impact of discovering 6 months of refundable FedEx or UPS charge errors.

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Discovering Hard and Soft Cost Savings in your Carrier Invoice

There’s a hidden profit source in many companies. Hidden, perhaps, perhaps because the source is rather unlikely – freight bills. Tariffs of major ltl and parcel carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT, promise on time delivery and accurate billing. When carriers fall short of their service commitment, it’s left to the customer to read more…

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