Business Intelligence for Parcel Shippers

The story from Business Week, March 2009 was “Business Intelligence Software’s Time is Now“.  The writer tells of companies growing more creative in their use of data-mining tools to extract cost-cutting and revenue-enhancing operational solutions in the wake of recessionary economics. Interesting. But, from our perspective at least, not news. We assume every company wants read more…

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What does a shipping audit cost?

Prompted by a recent conversation with a customer, it’s time to shed some light on our parcel audit pricing structure.  We consider it a simple gain-share model, but it can be a bit confusing. We deliver hard and soft cost savings to companies who ship with any major parcel carrier – FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, read more…

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UPS Business Intelligence

There’s a unique business model changing the world of business intelligence. You’ve heard of the ‘freemium’ model – give away the basic service, charge for the premium? The new model is to offer the premium service, and pay the user. Confused? Read on.

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