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In 2011 we partnered with a brilliant developer in Palo Alto who conceived of and built an intelligent platform to help companies optimize their cell phone expenses. It reduces cellular spend of our target customers by about 30%. Story and service are described here. Absolutely Brilliant concept.

If the truth be told, however, in a perfect world, or at least one with honest mobile phone billing, this optimization service wouldn’t exist. Let’s face it, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon (name a big cellular carrier) are not the most forthright billers out there. The hardened cynic among us might observe that they’re intent on wringing every hard-earned dime from their customers. But pride goeth before a fall, and this penchant for exorbitant rates among the primary carriers has created an opportunity for MVNO’s – Mobile Virtual Network Operators.  MVNO’s are essentially resellers who buy capacity at wholesale from the primary carriers and retail that capacity to the end user. What’s noteworthy is that competitive pressures are driving these MVNO’s to do what the cartel-like primary carriers are reluctant to do – price competitively.

The best of the new breed is Ting. Their service could make our rate optimization service obsolete. We celebrate!

A year ago I made the decision to switch our company, en mass, from AT&T to Ting. Prior to the change I called Ting’s switchboard to test responsiveness. An intelligent human being answered on the first ring. It was no anomaly. I called two more times. Each time the call was answered at one ring. Since then, every single time we’ve had reason to contact the company (typically for new additions, never service problems), every call is answered at one ring, by an agent who has the authority and capacity to resolve whatever it is we need. At no point have we been diverted to a “supervisor”, told that our ‘call is important’, or otherwise put off. Very refreshing.

Coverage? Ting is a Sprint reseller, sharing Sprint coverage. For us, it works.

Then there’s the price. We essentially cut our AT&T bill in half during a period when we upped our usage. Not bad.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the simplicity. There are ample challenges in this world. Navigating cell phone bills, negotiating rates or arguing charges are simply not things anyone at Direct-Recovery wants to do. So we don’t anymore. Ting bills are simple, straight-forward, and exactly what we expect to see at the end each month.

Ting charges reasonable rates for only the services that you use. No excess minutes, no overage penalties. You buy what you need. Why is this such a novel concept?

Consider this an unconditional, and unsolicited endorsement of Ting. Use this link and get $25 off (full disclosure – we get $25 off too, so thanks in advance).

Seriously – make the change, for your family, or company. You won’t regret it!

If you’re unconvinced, or locked in with a major, our carrier rate optimization is the next best option to reduce your cellular expense. Give us a call.

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