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On Sandy, Mugabe, and hyperinflation

Today is the 8th work anniversary of one of the most valuable, but least celebrated agents of Direct-Recovery. For many customers, she’s the eloquent voice of Direct-Recovery. Indeed, she speaks the Queen’s English, not that bastardized version to which most of us Americans have sunk over the past few hundred years. Not Sandy. Every consonant is enunciated, unless it’s silent. Every punctuation is present. Every word is spelled – no lol, gtg, l8r or any of the sort. If her correspondence is added to a time capsule discovered 500 years hence as evidence of our language practice, we’d be proudly, but falsely, represented.

Here’s a little secret – Sandy manages our service center in Cape Town, South Africa.

She works hours conducive to managing African and European customers. This explains why she answers email in the middle of the night for our North American customers. It also explains why any whining about recent blizzards may fall on deaf ears. She probably just returned from a beautiful Summer’s day at the beach.

Sandy grew up in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and moved to South Africa as a young adult. Tragically, she, along with many Zimbabweans who call South Africa home, have witnessed from afar the destruction of Zimbabwe by the feared and ruthless dictator Robert Mugabe who will resort to any cruelty in the interest of retaining a hold on power. It’s an incredibly painful legacy for any with childhood memories of the Zimbabwe that was – a more peaceful, beautiful country known as the breadbasket of Africa, with great hopes as a young, newly independent land until one man took it upon himself to destroy the country and blame it on Bush, Blair, Obama, and the always ‘subversive’ Western powers. yada yada…

Mugabe also kindled the hyper-inflation that left locals with penniless pensions, buying bread for 10,000,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars. In fact, at a recent trade show we offered new customers a Trillion Zimbucks for taking a test drive of our audit services. What’s a Trillion dollars in US dollars you ask? About a buck.

But I digress. Thanks to Sandy for 8 years of brilliant work. Stick around for more.

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