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On Parcel Audits and Bureaucratic Overreach

In my last post I whined about the pathetic lack of national interest in all things parcel audit. Tragically, ‘Parcel audit’ ranks just above ‘crustacean ACL repair’, googled only by that narrow audience of supply chain professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe efficient logistics.

As one such supply chain professional, I see most things in life as related to and improved by supply chains. That’s not perky party talk, but it’s true. “Life is better when stuff moves as it should” ™. But that’s a matter for another day. Today, I want to draw in those distant from transportation spend management theory.

Maybe I’ll do an end run. I’ll find a trending topic, and tie it back in. Let’s see… pulling up the daily paper (remember those?) it looks like we’ve got Trump, Grammy’s, Trump, Kardashians, crazy Maduro, Trump, FC Barcelona, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and virility.

“I’ll take ‘AOC’ for $200 please!”

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. You know her, right? She’s the 29 y/o bartender/marxist (I think she uses “socialist”) who won 15,000 votes in NY House District 14 primary and was ushered into congress by the 85% Democrat district. Professor Anthony Pappas, her Republican opponent, didn’t stand a chance. Did the voters notice that he had a Yale PhD in economics, a BS from MIT, and is a professor of finance and economics? Or mostly that she was a young, cute Hispanic chick making big promises and he was an old crotchety white guy?

Is it just me or do we apply the same standards to our political candidates as we do for our Bachelor contestants? Old news there. Nice abs Justin Trudeau. Is my cynicism showing?

So now we’ve got AOC in congress and she’s covered 24/7 on cable. Watch for a week and you’ll think our government is run by a dozen or so celebrity politicians. Blame yourself, because media pushes what sells.

Alas, I confess that I could be the primary instigator on this one. I’m a total AOC groupie. I can’t get enough of her. Seriously. No, it’s not some celebrity crush thing. It’s not an Instagram obsession, and I’m certainly not enamoured with the fixes for what she thinks ails our country. For me it goes back to a former career as a mental health professional. When I look at people, I wonder what makes them tick. I suppose I’m an armchair psychologist. Not to boast, but I’m a proper expert in the field. Indeed, I’m as much of a mental health expert as AOC is an expert policy maker.

As a very relevant aside, an “Ex” is a has-been, and a “spurt” is a drip under pressure, if you get my point.

I digress.

Thinking of my former 29 year old self, I would not have the cojones to play the AOC game. That’s not a complement. It’s a diagnosis.

Is it narcissim? Naah, this is bigger. More extreme. What’s the name for that grandiose narcissism on steroids crossed with a savior complex, sprinkled with a fraudulent economic utopianism that inevitably fails, but not for lack of trying syndrome?

What 29 year old thinks that her glorious 250 year old nation needs to be totally revamped, by her?
What 29 year old thinks she can improve the free-market system that has brought more people out of poverty, freed more, saved more, than any economic system in the history of mankind?
What 29 y/o thinks that socialism, properly done this time because it has never been ‘propery done’ before, can fix whatever ails us? (actually too many, it turns out)

“The scariest words in the English language – I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Reagan (as remembered).

Politicians grab for power. Nothing’s new there. What’s a bit new, is that there appear to be millions of Americans who believe that life will be better with unprecedented government overreach. That’s the scarry part. Socialism, leftism, marxism, Green New Deal – call it what you will. It’s the idea that government knows best, does best, and is out for your best interest, so just give it the power and resources to make everything right. But who in their right mind thinks the challenges facing our country can be fixed with bureacrats controlling, essentially, everything?

It always starts with ‘free’ because free is awesome. Free healthcare. Free education. Free food. Free energy. What’s not to like? But ‘Free’ panders to our baser instinct. You know the one. It’s the idea that if we can just tax the other guy more, life will be awesome for us. Alas, that’s a lie.

Problem is, that marxist or socialist ideal, or Green New Deal, has never worked. Ever. And will never work. Ever.

Anytime you strip out the free market, you end up with a politician deciding how many boxes of Captain Crunch Jenny O’Shea from Dubuque, Iowa will purchase in 2019. I read the 14 page ‘Green New Deal’. It’s linked here. The comparison fits.

Red scare? No. Just rationlism.

I’m actually all for green energy until it becomes religious zealotry or a government takeover. I’m sure I’ll be driving an electric car soon, but not because the government incentivizes or demands it. There are some amazing improvements coming down the pike such as the increased power density in axial flux motor designs, and ongoing battery developments that offer huge performance improvements at a much reduced price. That’s not a Green New Deal, it’s innovation spawned by the competitive marketplace. It’ll happen, gradually, and faster if government just stays out of the way.

This “Green New Deal” is fundamentally impossible. It defies the laws of physics, economics, and sheer rationality. But we can still promise it, right?

to be continued…

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