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NCOF Vegas

This week Las Vegas hosts the National Conference on Operations and Fulfillment – the NCOF Show for those in the industry.  We’re getting a bit teary eyed around here because we launched Direct-Recovery at the same show 11 years ago.

This year I have the privilege of participating in a panel discussion regarding shipping cost control. It’s sure to be riveting and provocative, watched closely by celebrity bloggers everywhere…

Okay, let’s face it. We deal in an industry many find boring, and perhaps with good reason. But share a beer with your average operations manager, and in short order you’ll get an earful about the cost and hassles of parcel shipping.  Perhaps we’re not so much boring as we are focused on the mundane but essential elements of logistics, so you can be focused on running your business. In truth, we may be the difference between profit and loss in a narrow-margin-industry, and That’s not boring…

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