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Loss and Damage Claims

Holiday season gets a bit crazy on the shipping front. With that seasonal volume bump, there’s also a bump in lost and damaged packages. It’s a pain for the customer, the shipper and, face it, the carrier as well. What to do about it?

Processing loss and damage claims is a hassle. Doing it well can often require more productive time than a lost article may be worth. That’s why many companies skip the entire process and write off the loss.

Direct-Recovery can help systematize that process by identifying loss and damage candidates and working collaboratively with customers to reduce processing time by 80%. We download all claims data directly, streamline the claims filing process, and you reap rewards of refund checks and increased productivity.

If you’re an existing customer, ask your rep to run a loss and damage claims review to see what you might be missing. If you’re a new or potential customer, once you’ve implemented our parcel audit, we’ll run a full evaluation to determine how best to help reduce your shipping spend.

As always, we work on a gain-share, basis, making the decision to implement a bit of a no-brainer.

And what about those porch pirates — an alliterative euphemism for common day thieves, thugs, robbers. Call it what you will, they steal a package from a customer’s porch after it’s already delivered. That’s a subject for another blog.

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