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Kiva Loans that Change Lives

What do Direct-Recovery and Kiva loans have in common?
They’re both about recovery. Recovery of wasted shipping dollars. Recovery of dignity and economic empowerment.
Ok. That’s a stretch.
They’re both about Africa. Direct-Recovery has offices in Cape Town, with Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) staff. Kiva offers empowerment loans to many in Africa.
That’s a stretch too.
How about this. We’re both about creating a more level playing field and bringing justice in a world where the haves keep having, and the others often lose out.
Bottom line is that we like Kiva. We like to see loans go to the poor whose only credit is through the local extortionist. We like a place where small investors can make a difference by creating something meaningful, rather than contributing to a bundled derivative that will be sold to some offshore hedge fund that may be leveraged to bankrupt Ireland. Another stretch.
Kiva links small investors with small borrowers. We like that.
We also like new clients, and the best way to win them is to impress with our live 30-day trial. ¬†We generate refunds to our client’s carrier account, we take a portion of our share of those recoveries and invest them in Kiva. The shipper benefits from the savings, we likely earn a new customer for the next many years, and some of the money left on the table is repackaged to benefit the entrepreneurial poor.
So Check out www.Kiva.com and diversify your portfolio. If you want to see your savings used to change lives, while growing in your portfolio, consider Kiva rather than your local bank. The financial returns trump CD’s, and the humanitarian returns are priceless.
And, if you’re a shipper, take our 30-day trial and we’ll fund a few loans in your name.
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