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Porsche v. Chevette – how good is your freight audit?

In business school we learned to focus on the core competency  and outsource the rest. Or, at the very least, outsource that which you’d prefer someone else do.

In the overall scheme of ‘core competencies’, freight auditing ranks dead last for most companies.

On the scale of necessary but painful experiences, parcel auditing ranks in the top 5. So… why not outsource it?

For many companies it’s an easy decision. Direct-Recovery boosts profits behind the scenes, recovering  that which most companies overspend – hence, the ‘no-brainer’ descriptive.

But there are objections. We hear, “we already do that..  so we have no need for Direct-Recovery”. Chances are good, however, that “that” is not what we do.  Our service is as much of a commodity as is, say, a car. “I already have a car”, for me, meant a 1980 Chevette when I was 22. I was content with my transportation, but I’d have swapped for a Porsche if given the opportunity.

So.. we offer the Porsche of parcel audits? Uh… yes?  Bear with me..

If you’re now conducting an internal audit, or using the services of one of our competitors, let us offer a competitive bid. We’ll run a test audit, reveal potential hard and soft-cost savings, claim your refunds from FedEx, UPS, US Cargo, showcase our SaaS reporting module, and prove you have greater returns, and better analyses with us.

Years ago we won the business of a Swedish tractor manufacturer whose freight bill payment service claimed to be auditing for FedEx service failures and billing failures. They weren’t – or, at least, not to our standards. We discovered 11% savings across the board for the next 6 months.

Let Direct-Recovery audit your shipping on a 30-day trial to show that neither cars, nor parcel audits, are commodities. And let your staff focus on your business core competencies. After all, it’s a competitive world out there.


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