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FedEx GSR Waiver – worth it?

If you ship with FedEx or UPS, at some point you will be approached with an offer to waive your right to claim refunds for service failures. The actual wording may be something like this:

In this particular example the FedEx customer agreed to a 0.75% discount in exchange for the waiver. The customer agreed to the waiver, figuring it’s essentially free money because claims are a hassle. Question is – what are you leaving on the table? Is it worth it?

We can answer that. Part of our 30 day trial is a shipping analysis in which we identify exactly what you’re missing out on. That will show you if the net winner is you, or the carrier.

In our experience, FedEx and UPS benefit more. Run a 30 day trial and discover the truth Chances are quite good that the net savings of our parcel audit will greatly exceed the pittance offered in exchange for your refund rights.

Drop the GSR waiver at your next contract renewal and audit through Direct-Recovery.


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