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FedEx Claims Roulette

True confession: ┬áThere’s an intriguing, speculative side to the world of freight auditing, because we never know what we’ll find. Though admittedly somewhere short of ‘Casino Royale’, it can be intriguing to dig into a client’s history to find they’ve spent too much for too little, and the net result surprises us all.

With our invoice audit, we can go back a full 6 months. Add in claims management, and sometimes we go back a full 9 months. With rate analysis in the mix, who knows what we find. Sometimes we find nothing. Sometimes we discover a windfall to help cashflow. Either way, at least we make sure the client’s only spending what they should spend. If we spin a roulette wheel in the process, it’s just a little more intriguing for all.

Are you sitting on a potential rate compliance error windfall that will be credited back to your account? Doubtful. But it has happened before. ┬áThere’s one low-risk way to find out. Start the 30-day trial today by clicking on that big red link on the home page.

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