On Sandy, Mugabe, and hyperinflation

Today is the 8th work anniversary of one of the most valuable, but least celebrated agents of Direct-Recovery. For many customers, she’s the eloquent voice of Direct-Recovery. Indeed, she speaks the Queen’s English, not that bastardized version to which most of us Americans have sunk over the past few hundred years. Not Sandy. Every consonant read more…

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On Imams and Chicken Runs

The theme for this tradeshow season is – “Shippers, are you leaving money on the table?” To drive the point home, we heap world banknotes on a table until they’re strewn over the floor. The attraction is simple – money.

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Kiva Loans that Change Lives

What do Direct-Recovery and Kiva loans have in common? They’re both about recovery. Recovery of wasted shipping dollars. Recovery of dignity and economic empowerment. Ok. That’s a stretch. They’re both about Africa. Direct-Recovery has offices in Cape Town, with Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) staff. Kiva offers empowerment loans to many in Africa. That’s a stretch too. How read more…

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