On Sandy, Mugabe, and hyperinflation

Today is the 8th work anniversary of one of the most valuable, but least celebrated agents of Direct-Recovery. For many customers, she’s the eloquent voice of Direct-Recovery. Indeed, she speaks the Queen’s English, not that bastardized version to which most of us Americans have sunk over the past few hundred years. Not Sandy. Every consonant read more…

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someTing special…

Really? In 2011 we partnered with a brilliant developer in Palo Alto who conceived of and built an intelligent platform to help companies optimize their cell phone expenses. It reduces cellular spend of our target customers by about 30%. Story and service are described here. Absolutely Brilliant concept. If the truth be told, however, in read more…

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Wanted: Cost Control Consultants

Direct-Recovery identifies hard and soft cost transport savings for companies that ship with any major parcel shipper. ‘Hard’ savings are refunds due to late deliveries and billing errors, which are credited to the company’s carrier account. Our primary revenue stream is a split of these savings. ‘Soft cost’ savings are derived from operational changes the read more…

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Reclaim your FedEx bill with a Shipping Audit

In business school we learn to focus on the core competency and outsource the rest. Or, at the very least, outsource the painful or mundane, which you’d prefer someone else do. In the overall scheme of things, a parcel audit ranks dead last on all accounts, yet it is as essential to shippers as a read more…

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Parcel Audit Refund Windfall

There’s a potential untapped revenue source for companies that ship with parcel or ltl carriers. As mundane as a parcel audit may sound, it can reap rich dividends. Consider the impact of discovering 6 months of refundable FedEx or UPS charge errors.

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Discovering Hard and Soft Cost Savings in your Carrier Invoice

There’s a hidden profit source in many companies. Hidden, perhaps, perhaps because the source is rather unlikely – freight bills. Tariffs of major ltl and parcel carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT, promise on time delivery and accurate billing. When carriers fall short of their service commitment, it’s left to the customer to read more…

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UPS Business Intelligence

There’s a unique business model changing the world of business intelligence. You’ve heard of the ‘freemium’ model – give away the basic service, charge for the premium? The new model is to offer the premium service, and pay the user. Confused? Read on.

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SaaS Shipping Software

Managing decentralized shipping operations in a global company can be challenging. Converting those operations into an efficient profit center may sound impossible, but a Bay Area company aims to do just that.

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