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OK, let’s just say it. Parcel audits are boring. Nobody’s tweeting about GSR waivers. Nobody’s donning yellow vests and marching in the streets to protest the application of an incorrect dimensional weight factor. Celebrity politicians advocate a 70% marginal tax rate and that makes news but nobody retweets a FedEx post about a fuel surcharge boost.

As the resident blogger for Direct-Recovery, I’m whining, but I get it. Our parcel audit is consistent, effective, and boring. Cory Booker is inconsistent, ineffective, more than a bit whacky, and therefore newsworthy. But consider this. Amazon grew to be the biggest company in the world by moving things about more efficiently than the next guy. Is that boring? I think not.

We can’t promise we’ll help you move things about more efficiently than Amazon does. But we’ll give you the tools to help you move things about a whole lot more efficiently than you do now, and that could mean the difference between success and failure. Heck, maybe you’ll join the ranks of those in the forthcoming 85% tax bracket. Now there’s success!

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