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Amazon’s unmarked cargo vans

It’s old news that ecommerce continues to shake up the shipping world. Sunday afternoon an unmarked white van with a non-uniformed driver dropped an Amazon box at my door. Maybe the driver was following protocol, maybe not, but it confirmed what I already knew – Amazon uses just about any means possible to get packages to the doors of consumers.

Amazon now uses over 20 different shipping partners to deliver over 600 million packages per year. FedEx, UPS and USPS carry the lion’s share, but that doesn’t preclude that unnamed driver of the unmarked van from getting a piece of the action.

Fortunes are being won and lost speculating exactly how Amazon will morph their package delivery systems in years to come. They already have a huge fleet of Amazon-owned carriers, cutting out third-party shippers, and they’ve established new shipping routes between China and the US.
And of course, there’s the long promised Amazon drone delivery service. I’ll remain a staunch skeptic on that one. It’s not going to happen.

Most of our customers use UPS, FedEx, and DHL to deliver. Few have the luxury of owning their own transport company. The role of parcel auditor has never been more important helping to optimize parcel spend in an increasingly competitive world. Our recommendation?
Compete around, not against, Amazon. And let Direct-Recovery audit every package that leaves your door.

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