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A scary future

Remember the straw man from your high school debate club? No debate club? Ok, a straw man is that misrepresented point that you put up because it’s easier to defeat than your opponents real argument. It’s bad practice, but common political theatre.

A debater’s dream is a real opposition argument that is so utterly bizarre, it defies all reason with less coherence than the weakest straw man. Make sense? Ok, now read the full 14 page document posted here. Crazy eh? Now consider that the majority of the Democratic candidates for President in 2020 stand in support of this very crazy Green Thing. Scary.

It reads like a high school sophomore’s utopic vision to rescue civilization from a contrived doomsday scenario. Nothing against HS Sophomores. I have one and she’s awesome in every possible way. She’ll do great things with her life, but right now she’s 15 and I don’t trust her to make public policy to direct a multi-trillion dollar economy. Fortunately she’s not in the position to do so. Unfortunately, many of the people who Are in a position to do so now make my lovely daughter look like Winston Churchill. I’m speechless. The New Green Deal is the most preposterous political “compact” since, well, forever. I’d find in wholly comical. But I’m told by the likes of Cory Booker, Cortez, Bernie Sanders and others, that it’s actually real. Our intrepid media are now giving straight faced hard-hitting interviews about the mechanics thereof as if they’re asking how to fund a proposed school bond issue.

I’m reminded of the clairvoyant words of my son, “you know Dad, when you’re young, you think adults are smart. Then you become one, you look around and realize – no, they’re just older, that’s all”. True wisdom, that!

What does this have to do with shipping rate negotiations, or anything related to logistics? Uh, how about, if this Green New Deal goes through, you’ll want to ship yourself to the most distant shangrila country you can find, because ours will cease to exist.

Or, implement our parcel audit today and send the savings to your offshore account which you’ll need when the Green New Deal collapses our domestic economy and that offshore haven becomes the place to do business. Am I getting closer?

I know I’m stepping deep into political waters in a forum reserved for moving packages. Just can’t help it.

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